City Government: City Hall Bids and Proposals

The City of Delta Junction is seeking proposals from qualified engineering/design firms for the design, development, operation and closure plan for a five acre lateral expansion cell in the municipal Class II Landfill.

The submitted proposal shall outline the approach appropriate to this project scope, including timeline necessary for a completed plan in accordance with 18 AAC 60.203 Design Approval.

Include in the proposal, related experience with landfill design, related experience of project personnel, including experience in Alaska landfill design.

It is expected that each respondent should demonstrate the professional, technical expertise necessary to complete the project.

The new engineered plans need to include all information relevant to the permit application as required by Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC).

The City of Delta Junction Project: Cell II Landfill Design shall be clearly marked on the envelope containing the firm’s proposal. Proposals will be received at City Hall, 2288 Deborah Street or P. O. Box 229, Delta Junction, Alaska 99737 until 4:00pm November 12, 2014.

A pre-proposal meeting will take place at the Delta Junction Landfill, milepost 257.2 Richardson Highway, Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 10:00am to familiarize with the site conditions and project scope. Contact Delta Junction City Hall (907) 895-4656 to attend the pre-proposal meeting.

18 AAC 60.203 Design approval:

For facilities that require a permit or authorization under 18 AAC 200 or 18 AAC 60.211, the owner of the facility must have prior written approval from the department of the facility design in order to construct a new facility or a lateral expansion of an existing facility. Drawings, documents and plans showing that the facility design will meet the applicable requirements of this chapter may be submitted for department approval either separately or as part of a permit

The landfill (Class II) is located south of Delta Junction, Alaska along the west side of the Richardson Highway at milepost 257.2. It is in Section 33, T11S, R10E, Fairbanks Meridian. The landfill entrance at the Richardson Highway is 63N-145W, elevation 1585’.

The City of Delta Junction is the land owner.


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